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Synergy® Analytics is a comprehensive K-12 analytics solution for improving student performance and district administration, providing real-time actionable insights that promote data-based decision-making. Turn your data into visual dashboards that are easy to understand and interpret for every user. 

Get Actionable Insights Into Student Needs

Provide every user with insights targeted to their role, selecting from our pre-built dashboards and visualizations or building your own from scratch. Limit dashboard data to individual students or groups of students, a classroom or teacher, a grade level or school, or have it span the entire district. View longitudinal data to understand trends, and explore patterns at the points where data intersects, such as what percentage of sixth-grade girls at a particular school site are proficient in math.

Include Any Data – Not Just Synergy

Bring together data from different Synergy domains – such as enrollment, attendance, discipline, GPA, test scores, social-emotional learning (SEL), early warning indicators, interventions, digital learning engagement, parent engagement, and demographics – as well as virtually any other data from any database stored on your district network.

Customize Your Data Visualizations & Interactions

Design the user experience for each dashboard, combining a variety of layout options, chart types and colors, and views of both aggregated and disaggregated data. Give users the ability to re-group and pivot data, and define click-through targets for any chart or table so users can drill down and across for additional insights.

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Combine Content With Data

Display videos, images, files, and professional development content alongside data panels for a rich user experience.

Make Informed Decisions

Establish a data culture across your district and measure the impact of programs, processes, and resources, including curriculum resources and professional development offerings. Understand what’s working and what’s not, and use those insights to drive decisions that increase educational equity, maximize student growth and achievement, and ensure that dollars are spent on solutions that deliver results.

The Connected Power of Synergy

As part of the Synergy student information and learning management ecosystem, Synergy Analytics leverages a single, centralized database and powerful integration capabilities to open the door to unprecedented data reporting and analysis capabilities.

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Powerful Insights Across Your District

Understand Opportunities & Challenges

  • Enrollment & Demographic Trends
  • Discipline Trends
  • Intervention Effectiveness
  • Curriculum/Resource Effectiveness
  • Progress Toward Graduation
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Educational Equity & Learning Gaps
  • Professional Development Needs

Respond for Improved Outcomes

  • Adapt & Meet Changing Needs
  • Improve Administrative & Educational Processes
  • Scale Successful Initiatives & Practices
  • Replace Ineffective Interventions & Resources
  • Expand Opportunities for Underserved & Struggling Students
  • Allocate Additional Resources as Indicated
  • Help Students Stay on Track to Graduate
  • Identify High-Impact Professional Learning Opportunities