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Synergy® Analytics is a comprehensive K-12 analytics solution for improving student performance and district administration, providing real-time actionable insights that promote data-based decision-making. Turn your data into visual dashboards that are easy to understand and interpret for every user. 

Pinpoint Learning Needs

Synergy Analytics reveals students’ strengths and weaknesses so teachers can deliver effective instruction and target student interventions. It’s easy to discover which students need further instruction or acceleration on a specific standard and create a breakout group for those students with a single click. Attendance and discipline issues that are affecting student performance are also easily identified so they can be addressed and resolved, putting the focus back on classroom learning.

Access Multi-Level Student Performance Data

Gain performance insights at the district, school, class, and individual student level to reduce dropout rates, track mastery of academic standards, monitor progress toward graduation, and differentiate instruction. Include grades, assessment scores, test scores, and other performance data. Easily slice and dice data to compare student subgroups on specific performance measures, and measure and analyze cohort performance, longitudinal data, and trends. Role-based data views ensure that every user sees information that is tailored to their needs while protecting student privacy.

Include Any Data – Not Just Synergy

With Synergy Analytics, you can not only analyze and report on any Synergy data automatically and in real time, but also integrate data from any database on your district network. Seeing all your data in one place – including gradebook, assessment, curriculum, attendance, discipline, demographic, financial, human resources, transportation, food service, and more – provides insights that are hard to get when that data is stored and analyzed separately.

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Visualize & Interact With Your Data

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report panels can be presented side-by-side with other panel types such as grids and charts. Synergy’s support for SSRS provides the power to print elegant graphical reports and output drill-down reports for deeper data access. Authorized Synergy users can also use Mail Merge to customize Synergy Analytics reports for a variety of purposes and recipients, such as translating report cards into multiple languages for parents.

Measure Effectiveness & ROI

Leverage Synergy Analytics to ensure that you’re delivering high-impact programs and resources to students. Measure the impact of programs, processes, and resources, including curriculum resources and professional development offerings. Make more informed instructional and operational decisions and ensure that your district gets maximum value for dollars spent.

It’s Easy to Use

Synergy Analytics provides drill-down and drill-across capabilities to make it easy for users to navigate from any dashboard to more detailed or related information. Drag-and-drop functionality makes slicing and dicing your data a breeze, while color-coded analysis bands provide at-a-glance insights based on performance thresholds you can customize. Dashboards are easy to share with individual Synergy users and groups – such as the principal at a particular school site or all third grade teachers in the district. And, our optional pre-built dashboard packages are available to help you get started right away with the dashboards users want most.

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