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Synergy’s Google Classroom Integration Addresses Market Demand

Edupoint® Educational Systems’ industry-leading Synergy® Education Platform for K-12 student information and learning management is now fully integrated with Google Classroom™. This integration allows for classes and student rosters to be created in Google Classroom from data that already exists in the Synergy platform’s TeacherVUE® gradebook, as well as for the bi-directional exchange of assignment data and scores between systems.

For teachers using both the TeachverVUE gradebook and Google Classroom, integration eliminates the redundant entry of assignments and grades, allows for the application of standards and assignment types from the TeacherVUE gradebook to assignments received via Google Classroom, and helps keep the Synergy TeacherVUE gradebook and Synergy report cards up to date for all students and classes.

“We are pleased to offer our client districts this integration simplifying the use of Google Classroom alongside the TeacherVUE gradebook,” said Rob Wilson, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Edupoint. “Our Instructional Application development team implemented the full Google Classroom API and we are committed to updating the integration between our TeacherVUE gradebook and Google Classroom as the API evolves.”

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